‘How I made that’ instructions are created by Sunshiners, for Sunshiners. This is a community produced item using adaptations of Hooked on Sunshine patterns.

Vanessa Smith
Adaptation by Carolina Stefania

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Colours are for reference only and will vary based on lighting, monitor settings and devices.


This wonderful adaptation of the Blanoncho Pattern is brought to you by the very talented Carolina Stefania. To make this bag, you will need to have purchased either the Blanoncho Poncho or the Feeling Groovy Blanket (you can still grab both or just one in our pattern store here on this website or from our  store).

This uses parts of an HOS pattern, or is an adaptation of our one of our patterns – they are not put though any test groups. We also cannot offer any pattern support – these instructions are supplied “as is” and we make no representations that they are free from errors or omissions. If you find something that needs to be corrected or something that could be done to improve the instruction – pop us a message.


Advanced: Involved stitch pattern, color work, and/or shaping.
Please note this set of instructions makes use of a pattern which is adapted. This is not an in-depth photo tutorial or a typical Hooked on Sunshine pattern.