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Tester Blanket examples?

QuestionsCategory: Atlanticus CALTester Blanket examples?
Holly van den Hof asked 3 months ago

Will there be any further information about the testers blankets? as in yarn choice, colors used, # of colors, etc…?? I was only going to use 6 colors, i’m new to the group and i’m finding it hard to pinpoint all the different testers blankets (all of which are absolutely stunning by the way!) Looking forward to starting this beautiful blanket! Thank you for your time !

2 Answers
Admin Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Holly –┬áhere are some examples – but you can make a post in the group and ask to be tagged by the testers/admin

Ann Wanamaker
Worked in 4ply acrylic yarn with H hook
Measures 83inches, 211cm complete




Nancy Shutler

Worked in Acrylic worsted weight 4 medium, Red Heart Super Saver.
Worked in a 5mm hook, with 6 colours, measures
57 inches



Di Joseph
Worked in Elle Family Knit, double knit Acrylic
Using 7 colours and worked in a 4mm hook, measures 145×145




Fay Gordon
Worked in Elle Gold double knit acrylic with a 4mm hook.
8 colours, measures 150×150 complete

Admin Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Holly, updated info here please check.

Admin Tech Staff replied 3 months ago

Only a pleasure – will have more info shortly – Vanessa and the testers all hard at work getting the CAL ready.

Holly van den Hof replied 3 months ago

Hi, Thank you very much, i really appreciate it! You all put so much into these CAL’s ! i’ll have to go post a request on the page for any testers using 6 colors to tag me in… thank you for that suggestion! i honestly never think of doing that, i dont want to take up too much of anyone’s time. thank you !