Orbit the Dragon – Expansion Pack

Jessie Van In

This is a co-hosted pattern.
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Not for Infants.

This pattern contains 4 add-ons for the popular Orbit the Dragon pattern:

– open eyes
– wings
– fluted belly cover
– face fins

This pattern uses over 200 pictures and crystal clear information to teach you multiple new and useful techniques to add to your amigurumi skill set! I’ll show you how to make more realistic eyes with multiple shades of colours and highlights in very easy-to-follow steps. Obrit’s majestic new wings are sturdy, cute and crocheted all in one piece with the loose ends tucked in as you go, so all you have to do is sew the finished wings on at the end! The fluted belly and fingery face fins will also teach you interesting skills that can be used in other areas of your amigurumi adventures.


Intermediate: Involved stitch pattern, color work, and/or shaping.

Although Orbit is rated as an intermediate pattern, don’t be scared to try it no matter what your skill level! The pattern has been thoroughly tested by the HOS team, to make sure it’s concise and easy to follow. Along with eliminating any bugs, Jessie has also added over 100 high quality photos to the pattern, to make it accessible to all skill levels. If you happen to get stuck, you can always ask for help in our fb group!


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