Now although I wouldn’t say Ami is for beginners, if you’ve crocheted one of my patterns but never tried toys, don’t worry and trust me you got this! We have put together a seriously detailed amigurumi doll pattern and I think with a little bit of perseverance anyone could make her 😉 The pattern is written just like any of my other patterns, I tell you a story and at the end of it you have a gorgeous Omelette all for you 💛

It will tell you where to stuff, where to stitch, where to place and absolutely everything else you need to know to make Juni and her Bun bun. You are more than welcome to use whatever yarn you like, in whatever colour you like, to make your Sunshine Baby 💛 Monika and I are so excited to see what you all create 🌞 Beeeg loves Ness, Monika and the Girls 💛

Skill Level

This digital pattern includes a photo tutorial – the pattern includes tips for the skills required to complete Orbit. (Intermediate: Involved stitch pattern, color work, and/or shaping). If you are new to Amigurumi, Don’t be put off by the intermediate skill level, unlike many of the Ami patterns that can be sparse on info and photos, Vanessa and Monika have created 94 pages of detailed photo tutorials to aid you through this whole pattern and there is support in the HOS fb group if you need us.


Juniper is a paid pattern, you can purchase using the Purchase button below, the pattern will automatically be added to your Library here on Hooked on Sunshine.

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