Baby Blankets

A collection of my Baby blanket crochet patterns. Can be used as Lapghans or even increased to larger sizes.

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Briar Rose

Skill Level: Easy
Size: 95cm x 95cm
Info: Briar Rose is a fun and easy pattern that has been designed to work up to any size your little heart desires. The pattern is worked using a simple set of repeats. 

Little Prince Charming

Skill Level: Easy
Size: 130cm x 130cm
Info: This super duper versatile and easy blanket is a great project for all our beginners who are honing their crochet skills, The blanket can be worked to any size your little heart desires and by simply changing the colours to something more girly.


Skill Level: Intermediate
Size: 100cm x 100cm
Info: Babypops is based on the Hollypops design and was put together by some of my amazing testers. Designed for a tween but beautiful as a baby blanket or lapghan.

Wisteria Fischer

Skill Level: Easy
Size: 115cm x 115cm
Info: The pattern is totally adaptable to suit any yarn type and create any blanket size. It uses US terminology with metric and imperial sizes. I used two 4ply Fairy Cakes with a 3.5mm hook.

Sunshine Superstar

Skill Level: Easy
Size: 125cm (dip to dip) x 175cm
Info: This super duper fun star is another in a series of quick and easy blankets. Sunshine Superstar is a great beginners project but definitely won’t bore. This nifty little pattern works up to any size you like and is the perfect gift when you need a blankie in a hurry. Packed full of gorgeous colours to brighten anyone’s day.

Bright Stars

Skill Level: Easy
Size: 85cm x 85cm
Info: Stars shine bright only when they have a galaxy to twinkle in. This was the inspiration behind this blanket. It’s a sunshiny, cheerful, bright blanket bound to make a child feel happy, safe and warm. You can adjust the colours to make up for a boy or girl.