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Hugging Easter Bunny

The hugging collection is a super fun cutie-pattootie design series. The Bunny is easier than other huggers, so if you are looking for a really fun, easy and fast little Ami design for Easter – this pattern is for you.

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Babypops Baby Blanket

Babypops Babypops is based on the Hollypops design and was put together by some of my amazing testers. A special thank you to Maria Boyce, Nancy Shutler, Amber Stevason Bettencourt and Charmaine Schafer for adapting the pattern...

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Sunshine Superstar

This super duper fun star is another in a series of quick and easy blankets. Sunshine Superstar is a great beginners project but definitely won’t bore. This nifty little pattern works up to any size you like and is the perfect gift when you need a blankie in a hurry.

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Little Prince Charming

This super duper versatile and easy blanket is a great project for all our beginners who are honing their crochet skills, a little step up from Briar Rose but working on the same concept of easy repeats.

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